We recommend Baclofen 10 mg patients if they suffer from:

Multiple sclerosis, accompanied by spasticity of skeletal muscles;
Subchondral sclerosis of the spine; Strokes;
Traumatic, degenerative, neoplastic or infectious spinal cord pathologies;
Affective mental disorders on the background of alcohol intake;
Children’s cerebral palsy.

Baclofen is a medicinal product with an analgesic and soothing effect, which is indicated in strokes, craniocerebral trauma, spasms, atherosclerosis and meningitis.
Here you can order baclofen 10 mg. However, thanks to the powerful effect and the evocation of euphoria, the tool has become very popular in drug addicts. Baclofen 10 mg  is best sleeping pills, because of its strong effect.

Initially Baclofen 10 mg created as an agent for the treatment of epilepsy.

The substance was first synthesized by the large Swiss company Ciba-Geigy in 1962 by the famous chemist-pharmacist Heinrich Keberle. Despite the fact that the drug was not successful in the treatment of epilepsy, it positively affected the condition of patients who had previously:
Muscle spasms.
Craniocerebral injury.

We use Baclofen 10 mg orally. However, the Intrathecal method makes it more effective to treat. There are no side effects that occur as a result of oral pill intake. Baclofen 10mg is used to treat a number of diseases. Possibly provided purchase baclofen.
Tablets are taken orally, directly during a meal.

Baclofen 10 mg dosage:

The course of treatment should begin with 5 mg of the drug three times during the day. On the fourth and subsequent days it is recommended to increase the single dose of Baclofen up to 10 mg, also three times a during the day. The recommended daily dosage of the drug should not exceed 75 mg. In rare cases, it is possible to increase it to 120 mg, but with the permission of the attending physician.

Remember that only an expert is able to correctly calculate the individual dose of the drug so as to achieve maximum relaxation of muscle spasms, while maintaining muscle tone. People who are hypersensitive to drug components should reduce the normal dose of Baclofen by three times. Patients with a diagnosis – renal failure, a day allowed to take no more than 5 mg of the drug in 24 hours. Here you can buy baclofen 10 mg without prescription.

Brief instructions on the use of tablets Baclofen Children:

Calculation of daily dosage for children under 10 years of age is made by the formula: from 0.75 to 2 mg * weight. Children over 10 years should take 2.5 mg of the drug no more than 4 times a day. More accurate infant dosage is selected by the doctor individually, based on the clinical course of the disease. For optimal maintenance of the body for children: up to 2 years, enough 10 – 20 mg of the drug from 2 to 10 years is enough 30 – 60 mg.


Baclofen can cause the effect of the drug: blurred consciousness, euphoria, the appearance of hallucinations. Also, the drug causes the body to become addicted to it. For this reason, the reception should be completely under control, and the drug itself should be kept away from children’s access. Here you can buy baclofen 10 mg online.

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